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Sissy squat


Sissy squat

Sissy Squat

Whenever someone refers to a "Sissy Squat" I tend to question which method. A Sissy Squat is most often referred to as coming up on your toes as you lunge your knees forward and lean your torso back. The second, you stick yourself in a Sissy Squat Platform (or similar) and squat back. With the platform, there's less stretch on the achilles and patellar tendons and more emphasis on the quadriceps than lower back and hamstrings. Using a Sissy Squat Platform, you will not need much weight, if any. To make it more difficult you can even keep your torso straight (in line with your thighs). 

Features of the Sissy Squat Platform:

  • Easy to use adjustment mechanism.
  • Foam rollers for comfort.
  • Made to suit all user mechanics.
  • Black paint and black upholstery finish.
  • Boxed dimensions: 112x70x28cm. GW: 37kg.
Category:Fitness Machinary
Manufacturing Country:haw-USUSA
Used In:Club
Bearing Weight (Kg):120
Weight (Kg):40
Dimension (cm):100x64x57


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